Thailand - Learning Abroad Center: Chiang Mai, Studies in International Development


Semester: Fall, Spring
Program Provider: University of Minnesota, Learning Abroad Center
Language of Instruction: English
Courses: ‚Äč 

  • 4 required courses; 7 weeks of course instruction; 6 weeks of internship/research
  • Thai language class
  • Historical and Political Context of Thailand
  • International Development (select 1 development theme):
    • Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Food Systems
    • One Health: Humans, Animals, and Environment
    • Human Rights and Marginalized Communities
    • Sustainable Architecture and Design
  • Community Engagement (7 week internship or research project, can be used to meet Capstone requirement)

Foreign Language Courses: Thai
Housing: Homestay
Internship option: Yes; 150-180 hours per semester at internship site, may count for Capstone credit

Research option: Yes; 150-180 hours per semester at research site, may count for Capstone credit

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