Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

The Penn State School of International Affairs is proud to help returned Peace Corps volunteers build on their international experience through a world-class graduate education in the global issues that shape the work of the Peace Corps around the world.

As a partner institution with the Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program, returned volunteers interested in SIA will receive an application fee waiver (contact the Admissions Office to get a fee waiver code BEFORE submitting your application). Returned volunteers admitted to the program as Coverdell Fellows will also receive a minimum scholarship of 25% of the cost of tuition and mandatory fees in each year of the two-year program.

Coverdell Fellows will benefit from SIA’s intimate, small classroom setting that allows for extensive and direct interaction with expert faculty on issues ranging from development policy and dispute resolution to humanitarian response and human rights. SIA’s comprehensive core curriculum and choice of concentrations will give returned Peace Corps volunteers the skills they need to become global leaders while allowing them to shape their education based on their interests and passions.

SIA students are able to take advantage of the breadth of Penn State’s learning opportunities as part of their degree, with full access to advisers who will work with the student to find electives from across the University’s academic units to suit their particular educational path. SIA students also benefit from a 96 percent average placement rate, making an SIA education a gateway to a great global career.

Coverdell Fellows will continue to benefit underserved communities in the United States through internships with local and community organizations, giving them practical experience benefitting their community in addition to a high-quality graduate education.

The School of International Affairs welcomes Peace Corps volunteers to apply. For more information, please contact the SIA Admissions Office.