Financial Aid Resources

A Penn State education is a sound investment that leads to lifelong rewards; however, students must be prepared for the reality of financing that education. As you apply for admission at any institution, it is crucial to consider all factors of your decision to attend and explore all possible avenues to help fund your educational investment. Please visit the tuition and fees page for more information about the SIA cost of attendance.  

Merit-Based Scholarships - We suggest completing your admissions application by January 31 to be considered for merit-based scholarships. This evaluation is automatic and does not require any additional forms. These scholarships are offered to top applicants who demonstrate academic excellence during their undergraduate years. Involvement outside of the classroom and relevant work or other experiences are also taken into consideration. Please note: Penn State SIA does not require the GRE, and applicants do not need to submit GRE scores to be considered for merit-based aid. Applicants wishing to submit GRE scores are welcome to should they choose. However, not submitting GRE scores will not negatively impact your application in any way. Unfortunately, we cannot award merit-based scholarships to every single applicant; therefore, applicants and students are expected to pursue outside financial aid opportunities to help ease the burden of tuition expenses.

External Scholarships and Fellowships - In this database, you can search for available external scholarships and fellowships. Please be sure to take note of eligibility criteria and application deadlines, as they vary greatly.

  • The Penn State School of International Affairs will supplement funds provided to recipients of the prestigious Thomas R. Pickering, Charles B. Rangel, and Donald M. Payne fellowship programs administered by the U.S. State Department and United States Agency for International Development.

Project Associate Positions - SIA does not currently have Teaching Assistant (TA) positions, but we do have Project Associates (PA).  In this position, students work with a faculty member up to 20 hours per week and earn a bi-weekly paycheck.  Applying for an PA position typically doesn't happen until you begin classes in the fall.  The faculty members like to meet you first to determine if you would be a good-fit for their position.  

Campus Employment - Many students pursue part-time job opportunities in other academic units and offices across campus.  The Penn State jobs website lists all opportunites for employment.  Be sure you are searching for the University Park campus!  

Community Employment - The borough of State College offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants/bars, and other businesses to community and campus members.  Students may explore downtown employment opportunities to supplement their financial aid resources.    

Military Benefits - If you are current or former member of the United States military, you may be eligible to use educational benefits to help finance your education at Penn State.  Please visit the Office of Veterans Programs website for more information.   

Federal Aid and Private Student LoansPenn State's Office of Student Aid can provide you with additional information about eligibility, submitting the FAFSA, and many other topics surrounding Student Aid.