Degree Requirements for Master of International Affairs Degree

The Master of International Affairs degree requires a minimum of 42 credits and has four separate degree components: 1.) the core curriculum (18 credits), 2.) 21 credits of elective course work, 3.) a capstone experience which may either be a 3 credit internship or a 3 credit master's paper, and 4.) documented language proficiency. Specific guidelines and policies regarding the degree component are set forth below:

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum consists of six courses which are 3 credits each, for a total of 18 credits. Three are offered in the fall semester and three are offered in the spring semester.

Timing: the core courses must be taken sequentially, full-time and in consecutive semesters.

Drop/Add: students must consult with the Academic Advising office to discusss late drop considerations. Core classes that are approved to late drop must be taken the following semester it is offered.


Your electives should be chosen from the pre-approved electives list. Please note that this list changes often; new courses are added, especially in the School of International Affairs list, and each college and department adds special topics courses which might fit your interests.

Non-listed courses: if you are interested in a course which is not listed on the electives list and you would like credit applied to your M.I.A. degree for that course, you must get the approval of the SIA Director of Academic Advising, prior to enrolling in the course

Course work preference: unless there is extraordinary justification, you will not be permitted to replace elective course work with either an individual study or an internship experience. If you plan to take more than the minimum 42 credits required for graduation, however, credits earned in excess of 42 may be for non-required individual study or internship experiences.

Individual Study (INTAF 596): Credits may not be used toward required electives.

Capstone Experience

Ordinarily, the capstone experience will take place after you have completed the core curriculum. You are advised to begin planning for the experience as soon as you have identified your area of specialty. Students may do an internship and a paper, however, only one will be treated as your capstone experience.

There are two choices of capstone experience, Internship or Master's Paper.

Language Proficiency

Prior to receiving the M.I.A. degree, a student must demonstrate proficiency in one language other than English. Every student should include in their degree planning how they will meet the language proficiency requirement prior to completion of the M.I.A. degree program.