"Coming to SIA at Penn State was the best professional decision I ever made. When you study here, it's a truly professional degree that you're getting, one that comes with relevant experience in your field and that gives you a strong skillset to begin your career in the real world."

"The School of International Affairs program is designed to help you get what you want out of your degree. As a student, I had the flexibility to finish my degree while I accepted a job in my field located in another country—which is truly remarkable, and something I don't think I would have gotten at any other school."

Alfredo Malaret Baldo '16
  United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

"When you come to the School of International Affairs there's a sense of community, and that really helped me grow. It was a very supportive environment that gave me the chance to work with diverse colleagues from all over the world, exposed me to new ideas, and helped me develop in a way that prepared for the real world."

"The School of International Affairs is a very flexible program, and there are no limits to what you can do here. I was able to explore all my academic interests and make the most of my experience and time in graduate school, which I credit with helping me land my first job after graduation."

Sally Mouakkad '11
  Deputy Director for Industry and Science, Embassy of Australia

"The School of International Affairs' integrated undergraduate-graduate program allowed me to obtain my Master's Degree in a short period of time while allowing me to pursue my academic interests, gain valuable experience, and broaden my international perspective, which was very attractive to me."

"The School of International Affairs prepared me for the work I'm doing today by equipping me with a global perspective and an understanding of how to work with non-governmental organizations, corporations, government entities, and multinational organizations in many different markets."

Jinghao Lu '11
  Market Leader, Honeywell Africa

"My SIA classmates were very much a big and diverse group. I worked with people who have served in the military, worked in foreign embassies, volunteered with the Peace Corps, and even with people who are really antiestablishment. You get a lot out of those relationships and learn to be more open-minded."

"There were very real lessons and experiences in my classes at SIA that laid the groundwork for the scholarship I'm doing now. My professors were an absolutely fantastic resource."

Shingi Mavima '12
  Ph.D student in African-American and Africa Studies, Michigan State University