Brian Deehr

Hailing from the West Coast city of Seattle, I completed my undergraduate degree in 2013 from Washington State University with a B.A. in history. I have always been interested in international affairs, and through my undergraduate studies I focused on international history and politics. Not sated, I joined the Peace Corps and served in the Republic of Senegal between 2014-2016 as an Urban Agriculture Extension Agent.

After service, I applied and was accepted into multiple graduate programs. However, the School of International Affairs at Penn State was by far the best choice, being selected as one of the inaugural Coverdell Fellows. Roughly half of the cohorts are made up of international students from incredibly diverse backgrounds, bringing perspectives that many other IA programs to not offer. The quality of professors within SIA are impeccable, which includes former ambassadors as well as high ranking retired military members. You make your degree your own, being able to choose from nine concentrations with the ability to use all of the resources that Penn State has to offer.  

Brian Deehr
Academic Standing: 
Second Year Student
Course of Study: 
Dispute Resolution/ Humanitarian Response