Kymbat Nuranova

I received my bachelor’s degree in international relations from Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages in Kazakhstan. Four years of my undergraduate study were dedicated to international affairs, security and conflict resolution studies. I also interned in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kazakhstan before coming to Penn State. I chose to pursue a career in international relations after my first visit to the United States for a foreign exchange program. This experience helped me to see the world from a different angle, wanting to explore more.  

I chose SIA because of the opportunities that the school offers. I got to choose the concentration that I want to focus on in my future career—international energy policy. Penn State offers a variety of classes to choose from, not only within SIA. SIA provides opportunities to study abroad as well as different internship possibilities. The program is very diverse with people with very different backgrounds, where everybody is treated equally.

Kymbat Nuranova
Academic Standing: 
Second year student
Course of Study: 
International energy policy