Gregory King

My name is Greg King and I’m originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I completed my bachelor’s degree at the California University of Pennsylvania in 2016 where my passion for music led me to spend my first two years there studying commercial music technology. Concerns about finding stable work after graduation caused me to switch to studying English and secondary education and, upon graduation, I moved to a small town in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan to work as an English teacher. Shortly after returning to the United States, I looked into graduate programs and became a student at Penn State’s School of International Affairs in fall 2018.

I intend to concentrate in international economics during my time at SIA by taking courses in the economics and mathematics departments in addition to the core classes and electives offered by SIA. I’m hoping to obtain an internship abroad in East Asia to gain experience in the field, and I’m also currently researching Ph.D. programs in international political economy or economics with the hope that I can get accepted into one after graduating from Penn State. I chose SIA because of the reputation that the school has and the huge network of alumni that students have access to. Classes in the program are also taught by extremely experienced professors with valuable insight into all career paths within the field of international affairs. I’ve sincerely enjoyed my time in the program so far and have become really connected with my peers!

Gregory King
Academic Standing: 
Second year student
Course of Study: 
International economics