Jalen Jeter

Hey guys! I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and grew up right outside the city. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science at Kennesaw State University (Go Owls!), a large public Georgia university just north of Atlanta. After completing my undergraduate degree, I worked within higher education at Georgia Tech in Academic Advising, specifically for the Scheller College of Business. It is here that I learned a great deal about business and the integral part it plays in most organizations, including the public, private and non-profit sectors. I also did a great deal of volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, Atlanta Community Food Bank and The Carter Center. Working with the Carter center is where I really found a passion and desire to help implement and be the change. Working with the conflict resolution and politics of the middle east program really fueled my interests for those domestically and internationally fighting for equality, inclusion and basic human rights.

Penn State SIA was the best fit for me because of the various opportunities in focusing on a combination of concentrations within the International Affairs realm. I knew I wanted to mix multiple areas including business, economics and security and the SIA program allows for me to cater my degree and pathway exactly to my desire. Additionally, learning from faculty who have not only been in academia but within the very fields I’d like to pursue post-graduate school really allows for me to gain a perspective and understanding in and out of the classroom as I learn.  What really sold me was meeting my cohort. Having people from all stages and walks of life from all parts of the globe, continues to broaden my understandings and viewpoints. I believe that is crucial within the world of International Affairs. Being a part of my cohort has allowed for me to grow and learn with people of similar interests. It’s allowed for me to make new lifelong friends where we help and challenge each other to become the best version of ourselves. As for hobbies, I love to travel, run, hike and swim. I like staying active as it is therapeutic for me.

Academic Standing: 
Class of 2022