Matthew Detrick

I completed my Bachelor's degree in International Politics at Penn State in the Fall of 2015. After interning with the Carter Center in Atlanta, Ga, I realized a Master's degree was vital for career advancement. The School of International Affairs at Penn State was the perfect fit. I currently study Middle East and International Security studies.

I chose the School of International Affairs at Penn State for a variety of reasons. First, Penn State SIA is a professional program that includes professors who are practitioners, events that draw relevant experts in the field of international affairs, and programs that expose students to various career and internship opportunities. Second, Penn State SIA allows students to customize their degrees. Since I am interested in a plethora of disciplines, SIA allowed me to combine them to create my own concentration. Finally, and what was most attractive to me, was the ability to utilize all of Penn State's resources. Even as an SIA student, I was encouraged to join organizations, take classes, and attend events that were not directly related to my graduate studies. Additionally, because I am a Penn State student, I have access to the largest alumni base in the world which I can use to network and advance my career.

Matthew Detrick
Academic Standing: 
Second Year Student