Miaoqiang Dai

Being born and raised in South-west China, I graduated and gained my bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics in June 2017. I also studied political science at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defénse in Paris, France as an exchange student in 2015. I am now the President of the student group Research and Career Network for Law and International Affairs and I am also working as a research intern at Foundation for Law and International Affairs. I am highly interested in the intersection of International Affairs, Finance, Law, and Business. Currently, my research is focused on multinational corporations and sovereign investments.

MIA program at Penn State SIA was the best choice for me because of its diversity, flexibility and outstanding faculty. There are only 6 mandatory core courses to make sure that we are equipped with adequate theoretical and analytical knowledge and the rest of the program are fully explorable. I will attend classes in Law School and Business School to meet my interdisciplinary research interest and broaden my vision as an international affairs student. Moreover, apart from world-class scholars, the highly diverse faculty also consisted with high-rank General, Ambassadors, etc.. Those professors, with their practical and theoretical expertise, will provide us with highly diverse and exciting classes.

Miaoqiang Dai
Academic Standing: 
Second Year Student
Course of Study: 
International Business and Economics