Jennifer Cockerill

I attended Bethel College in Indiana for my bachelor’s degree in intercultural studies. While there, I went on a semester abroad to the Middle East where I began to learn Arabic. To advance my fluency, I travelled to California and participated in Middlebury Language Schools’ Arabic program in summer 2017. I have worked as an English tutor for international students in the United States and overseas, and I have volunteered as a conflict resolution mediator for civil disputes. I chose to attend Penn State in order to continue developing experience with mediation and peacebuilding through my graduate coursework.

The Penn State School of International Affairs is an amazing interdisciplinary program that allows you to take courses throughout the entire university in order to tailor a concentration to your interests and career goals. I have the flexibility to take courses on human rights and humanitarian aid, dispute resolution, Middle East studies, and public policy, and then determine what that looks like for my degree and internship opportunities with the encouragement of SIA’s amazing academic and career advisory staff. The dedicated faculty at Penn State are professionals in the field of international affairs, whose knowledge and experience offer a unique advantage to their students. The diverse range of students from all over the world allows for intercultural conversations and opportunities to learn as much from them as from the professors. 


Jennifer Cockerill
Academic Standing: 
Class of 2020
Course of Study: 
Middle East Studies and Conflict Resolution