Dzorlali Agbanu

While working as a laboratory analyst in Tema, the industrial hub of Ghana, I developed immeasurable interest in development and diplomacy and hence took the decision to pursue a B.A. degree in development communication at the African University College of Communications (AUCC) in Accra. Due to my passion and interest, I volunteered for UNILIME foundation by initiating a vocational and technical skills training program for the people living in deprived communities. In addition, I was selected to serve as a delegate of the Young Diplomats of Ghana (YDG) where I learned the approaches employed to advance the development agenda. YDG gave me a platform to enrich my diplomacy, advocacy and international affairs experience. Serving as a delegate paved the way to also act as an ambassador for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in Ghana. 

The School of International affairs became my school of choice in my bid to acquire in-depth knowledge and insight in the fields of development, diplomacy and international affairs. First and foremost, the optional concentration component of the program is a big deal for me because it gives us the opportunity to choose a concentration or even create our own concentration that best meets our academic and career interests. In addition, the merit-based scholarship offered by SIA to students was a great pull-factor. As an international student, I was fortunate to have received such funding as it has helped reduced the burden of tuition on my family. Last but not least, the large community of SIA and Penn State alumni also got me excited since I could not afford to miss being a part of the largest alumni community in the United States where networking opportunities are numerous.

Dzorlali Agbanu
Academic Standing: 
First year student
Course of Study: 
Development policy