Zachary Adams

Concentration:  International Security Studies

I am currently studying at the School of International Affairs at the Pennsylvania State University and I have been focusing primarily on Political Science and languages in my undergraduate studies as well as International Security studies with the School of International Affairs. I accepted an internship the U.S. Department of State at the National Foreign Affairs Training Center/Foreign Service Institute where I assisted language instructors in distance language learning for U.S. Ambassadors and Foreign Service Officers abroad. I also accepted an internship with the Pennsylvania Bar Institute as well as an internship with the Pennsylvania State Senate. My current studies at the School of International Affairs have greatly added knowledge and skills in developing critical thinking skills and team working skills in my work and internships.

I chose to come to Penn State University for both my undergraduate and graduate studies because the School of International Affairs offers a professional master's degree in international affairs with several specialty areas of study, its mission is to prepare exceptional students for careers and leadership positions. I also chose Penn State because the School of International Affairs is connected closely to Penn State Law and SIA offers a highly interdisciplinary and flexible program, which allows students to take courses from across the university and design a master’s and concentration that fits your specific interests and career goals, as you will learn from an elite, experienced faculty as well as leading scholars of international affairs, all with records of distinguished scholarship and prestigious careers. Penn State’s School of International Affairs was my first choice for my graduate studies because it combines traditional academics with a major visionary approach to interdisciplinary studies and internationalization, as well as the fact that Penn State alumni can be found all around the world and are very well known for their achievements and influence in their professions. 

Zachary Adams
Academic Standing: 
Second Year Student
Course of Study: 
IUG Student