Individual Studies (INTAF 596)

  1. A student may take one Individual Study course per semester.
  2. Individual Study credits do not satisfy the required electives credits for graduation.  
  3. An Individual Study course may be for 1-3 credits.
  4. The Individual Study supervisor must be an SIA Faculty member
  5. Student must submit a written course proposal to their INTAF 596 Faculty supervisor. The course proposal will state the student's goals for the credits and propose a thesis for the research paper the student will produce as part of the individual study experience.  The chosen topic/issue will be unique and may not be used in any way to satisfy the capstone requirement.  The INTAF 596 supervising Faculty member will approve the course proposal.  A copy of the final proposal will be attached to the Independent Study approval form; all of which will be forwarded to the SIA Registrar.  The Registrar will then register the student for INTAF 596.
  6. The supervising Faculty member sets his or her standards and expectations that the student must satisfy for course credit.  Credit may not be awarded for scheduled Individual Study credits unless the student produces a written research paper that reflects learning and achievement that merit award of course credit.  Normally, to meet this standard, a student should expect to produce at least ten double-spaced letter size pages of high quality scholarship for each credit awarded for the course. 
  7. The student must complete the agreed upon research paper for each semester he/she is enrolled in Individual Study credits.  The student may not earn academic credit more than once for the same or similar work. Each new Individual Study will require a new topic and research paper.   If the research paper portion of the Individual Study is not completed at the conclusion of the semester, the supervising Faculty member will assign a “DF” (deferred grade) for those credits and continue to work with the student until the paper is satisfactorily completed.   Please note the deferred grade deadline in the link above.