Registration Information

The Law School Registrar's office is your liaison for the semester registration process.

Registration information pertaining to you is available under the "Graduate Student” tab within LionPATH

You must complete the Pre-Registration Activity Guide to be eligible to enroll in classes. Otherwise, a hold will remain on your account, which will prevent you from being able to enroll. The only way to lift this hold, which will allow you to enroll, is to complete your Activity Guide.

Your Activity Guide can be found in your To Do List within the LionPATH Student Center. For more information on how to complete the Pre-Registration Activity Guide, please view the video tutorial or read the step-by-step instructions.

For more information about LionPATH, please visit The Office of the University Registrar,

Academic Assistance

If you need academic assistance in selecting courses, please contact the SIA Academic Adviser

Core Courses

Each Fall and Spring semester there are three core courses offered. You must schedule the core courses before selecting electives.

400-, 500- and 800- Level Elective Courses

You will schedule 400-, 500- and 800- level elective courses on LionPATH.

All SIA elective courses (INTAF) are available for registration first to SIA students. Approximately three weeks after semester registration begins, graduate students outside of the SIA will be permitted to enroll in any remaining SIA elective course seats.

900-Level Courses

Up to nine (9) credits of law (900-level) courses may be applied to the M.I.A. degree. To register for a law course you will need the permission of the Penn State Law course faculty member, the approval of the Director of the School of International Affairs and the approval of your SIA academic advisor. You should collect these permissions via email and when you have them all, send one email with the approvals to the law school Registrar at You should include the course title, code, and number in your e-mail. The Law School Registrar will communicate with you regarding your enrollment in the law course(s) you have chosen.

Note: The Graduate School permits law courses (900 level) and grades to appear on the graduate transcript. However, the grade is not calculated into the semester grade point average or cumulative grade point average. M.I.A. degree approved law courses (900 level), are added to the transcript total credits earned by the law school registrar. 

M.I.A. degree approved law courses are those on the published electives list or courses approved by the SIA Academic Adviser (Elective Course Substitution form).

Foreign Language Classes

If you need to take any foreign language classes to fulfill your language proficiency requirement, you will register for them using the same method in LionPATH that you use to register for core or elective classes.  Please keep in mind the language classes do not count towards the 42 credit degree requirement for your M.I.A.

15-credit limit

The Graduate School prohibits graduate students from registering for more than 15 credits per semester without special approval.  In the event you need to schedule more than 15 credits, please contact the SIA Academic Adviser for instructions on the approval process.  

Distance Education Credits

International students on F-1 and J-1 visas should note the following policy regarding enrollment in distance education courses. Only one 3-credit course in distance education (Independent Learning, World Campus, web) or on-line course may be used toward full-time enrollment each semester.  Full-time enrollment in World Campus courses is a violation of F-1 and J-1 status. It is the responsibility of each student to abide by this policy. If you are in any doubt, please contact the University Office of Global Programs Office before you register for World Campus or web-based courses. The full policy can be found here.


If you have a hold on your record, it will prohibit you from completing various registration activities.

Dropping and Adding a Course — School of International Affairs Policy

Students will follow standard University policies and procedures for drop/add, and late dropping, as described in the resource links below. It is important to note that graduate students may drop and add courses through the normal drop/add period each semester.

The SIA core curriculum (INTAF 801, 802, 803, 804, 506 and 590) is structured to be taken and completed during the first two semesters you are enrolled in the program.  The core courses are offered in sequence for academic and pedagogical purposes.  They cannot be taken out of sequence or dropped and taken the following academic year.

Regular Drop/Add Calendar Period

Dropping a Course — University Policy 

Adding a Course — University Policy

Tuition Adjustment Policy