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Master of International Affairs Electives Course List

The courses listed below are approved to meet the required elective credits for the Master of International Affairs (M.I.A.) degree. If you find a course offered at the University that you would like to include as an elective toward the M.I.A., and it is not included on this list, please follow the procedure for Elective Course Substitution.

A. School of International Affairs

Special Topics 

Advanced International Affairs Theory (3 Crs)

Conflict and Resolution in Cross Cultural Contexts (3 Crs)

Contemporary Issues in International Security (3 Crs)
(INTAF 597*)

Counterterrorism Law (2 Crs)
(INTAF 597*)

Domestic Influences on Foreign Policy (3 Crs)

Dynamics of International Economic Order: Law, Politics, and Power (3 Crs)

Energy, International Security, and the Global Economy (3 Crs)
(INTAF 810)

Estimative Analysis in International Strategy (3 Crs)
(INTAF 811)

Foreign Policy and the 21st Century Global Media Environment (2 Crs)

Globalization and Grand Strategy: The United States, Rising Asia, and the Persian Gulf in the 21st Century (3 Crs)

Hazards Disasters & International Affairs (3 Crs)
(INTAF 503)

International Environmental Negotiations (3 Crs)
(INTAF 813)

Introduction to Law and Legal Systems (3 Crs)

Introduction to Research Design (3 Crs)

Law, Politics & the Practice of Diplomacy (3 Crs)

Non-State Influences and Determinants of International Security  (3 Crs)
(INTAF 597*)

Political Economy of Development & Growth (3 Crs)
(INTAF 504)

Politics of the Maintenance of International Peace and Security (3 Crs)

Science & Technology International Policy (3 Crs)
(INTAF 502)

Strategy, Conflict, Peace (3 Crs)
(INTAF 505)

The Law of War and Just War Theory (2 Crs)

The Politics and Law of Nuclear Arms Control and Disarmament (3 Crs)

The Role of Intelligence in International Relations (3 Crs)
(INTAF 812)

The United States and Iran (3 Crs)

The United States and the Middle East (3 Crs)

U.S. National Security (3 Crs)

War and Peace — How Conflicts Begin and End  (3 Crs)
(INTAF 597*)

Water and Sustainable Development (3 Crs)
(INTAF 501)

B. College of Agricultural Sciences

Special Topics

Agricultural Biosecurity: Protecting a Key Infrastructure (3 Crs)  
(AGBIO 520)

Agroforestry: Science, Design, and Practice (3 Crs)
(FOR 418)

Classical Ecology (2 Crs) 
(ECLGY 510)

Educational Programs in Agriculture for Developing Countries (3 Crs)
(AEE 400)

Elements of Forest Ecosystem Management (3 Crs)
(FOR 410)

Ethical Issues in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment (3 Crs)
(HDNRE 575)

Fertility, Population Change and Development (3 Crs)
(R SOC 525)

Fishery Management  (3 Crs)
(W F S 463W)

Forest Management and Planning (3 Crs)
(FOR 466W)

Foundations of Leadership Development (3 Crs)
(AEE 460)

GIS Based Socio-Ecological Landscape Analysis (3 Crs) 
(FOR 565/ANTH 555)

Global Seminar (3 Crs)
(CED 410)

Human Dimensions in Natural Resources and the Environment Colloquium (1 Cr)
(HDNRE 590)

Human Dimensions of Natural Resources (3 Crs) 
(FOR 450W)

Integrated Perspectives in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment (3 Crs)  
(HDNRE 574)

International Community and Economic Development (3 Crs)
(CED 425)

International Development, Renewable Resources, and the Environment (3 Crs)
(CED 450)

International Economic Development and Agriculture (3 Crs)
(AEREC 550)

International Forestry (3 Crs)
(FOR 488Y)

International Rural Social Change (3 Crs)
(R SOC 517)

Introduction to Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction (1 Cr)
(P N G 411)

Living in an Increasingly Diverse Society (1 – 3 Crs)
(AYFCE 438)

Problems in Agriculture in Tropical Areas (3 Crs)
(INTAG 481)

Silviculture (3 Crs)
(FOR 421)

Social Organization of Traditional Societies (3 Crs)
(ANTH 556)

Sociology of Agriculture (3 Crs)
(R SOC 508)

C. Smeal College of Business

Special Topics

Applying Entrepreneurship Across Corporate Boundaries (2 Crs)
(ENTR 571)

Business Marketing (2 Crs) MUST TAKE MKTG 521 BEFORE 533
(MKTG 533)

Complex Negotiations (2 Crs)
(MGMT 521)

Global Finance (1 – 3 Crs)
(I B 555)

Global Strategy and Organization (1 – 3 Crs)
(MGMT 561)

Globalization and its Implications (3 Crs)
(I B 440)

Property Rights in a Global Economy (3 Crs)
(R EST 515)

Strategic Procurement (2 Crs)
(SCM 546)

The Business Environment of Europe (3 Crs)
(I B 450)

D. College of Communications

Special Topics

Comparative Theories of Press Systems (3 Crs)
(COMM 510)

International Communication Problems (3 Crs)
(COMM 505)

International Telecommunications and Trade Policy (3 Crs)
(COMM 584)

E. College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Special Topics

African Resources and Development (3 Crs)  
(GEOG 444)

Energy Geography (3 Crs) 
(GEOG 497E)

Forest Geography (3 Crs) 
(GEOG 411)

Geography of the Global Economy (3 Crs)
(GEOG 424)

Geography of Water Resources (3 Crs)
(GEOG 431)

Global Change and Sustainability — Bulgaria (3 Crs)
(GEOG 435H)

Human Dimensions of Global Warming (3 Crs)
(GEOG 438W)

Human Use of Environment (3 Crs)
(GEOG 430)

Introduction to Mining Operations  (1 Cr)
(MNG 401)

Natural Disasters (3 Crs) 
(GEOSC 402Y) (IL)

Natural Resources Conservation and Community Sustainability (3 Crs)
(SOILS 422)

Natural Resources: Origins, Economics and Environmental Impact (3 Crs) 
(GEOSC 451)

Property and the Global Environment (3 Crs) 
(GEOG 439)

Risk Analysis in the Earth Sciences (3 Crs)
(GEOSC 450)

Strategic Corporate Finance for the Earth, Energy, and Materials Industries (3 Crs)
(E B F 401) 

F. College of Education

Special Topics

Alternative Assessment of National Educational and Health Policies (3 Crs)
(EDTHP 525)

Comparative and International Adult Education (3 Crs)
(CI ED 570)

Comparative Education Proseminar I   (3 Crs)
(CI ED 500)

Comparative Higher Education (3 Crs)
(CI ED 571)

Contemporary Philosophies of Education (3 Crs)
(CI ED 541)

Curriculum, Culture and Child Development (3 Crs)
(E C E 587)

Education and Demographic Change in the United States and Abroad (3 Crs)
(CI ED 516)

Education Mobility in Comparative Perspective (3 Crs)
(CI ED 553/EDTHP 553/HI ED 553/SOC 553)

Education Policy and Politics (3 Crs)
(EDTHP 587 / HI ED 587)

Ethnicity, National Identity and Education (3 Crs)
(CI ED 503/HI ED 503/EDTHP 507)

Globalization and Lifelong Learning (3 Crs)
(CI ED 508)

Introduction to Comparative and International Education (3 Crs) 
(CI ED 401)

Introduction to Distance Education (3 Crs) 
(ADTED 470/CI ED 470)

Issues in Literacy Education (3 Crs)
(CI ED 542)

Language, Literacy, Identity, and Culture in a Global Context (3 Crs) 
(CI ED 509)

Perspectives in African Education (3 Crs)
(CI ED 504)

Policy Studies in Lifelong Learning (3 Crs)
(CI ED 572)

Principles of Integrated Pest Management (3 Crs)
(CI ED 457)

Social and Cultural Contexts of Learning and Work (3 Crs)
(CI ED 564)

Validity of Assessment Outcomes (3 Crs)
(CI ED 555)

G. College of Engineering

Special Topics 

Energy and Modern Society  (3 Crs)
(S T S 420)

Engineering International Cooperative Education (1 – 3 Crs)
(ENGR 495I)

Global Food Strategies: Problems and Prospects for Reducing World Hunger (3 Crs)
(S T S 430)

International Construction Management and Planning (3 Crs)
(A E 571)

International Engineering Internship (1 credit per semester/4 credits maximum)
(ENGR 595I)

Science, Technology, and Public Policy (3 Crs)
(S T S 460)

The two Engineering Design courses listed below are only accepted as electives toward the M.I.A. degree if the student has participated in the The Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE) program in Kenya, Tanzania or India during the preceding summer semester.  Please note:  the international experience during the summer semester can serve as a capstone project (internship or master's paper).  The student will need to register, separately, for the capstone project during the summer semester.

Design for Developing Communities (1 Cr) (contact department for current course description 814-863-3026) (EDSGN 497)

Projects in Community Service Engineering (1 – 3 Crs)
(EDSGN 452)

H. College of Health and Human Development

Special Topics

Critical Infrastructure Protection of Health Care Delivery Systems (3 Crs) 
(PHP 530)

Principles of Epidemiology
(BB H 440)

Public Health Evaluation of Disasters and Bioterrorism (3 Crs)
(PHP 527)

Public Health Preparedness for Disaster and Terrorist Emergencies I (3 Crs) 
(PHP 410)

Public Health Preparedness for Disaster and Terrorist Emergencies II (3 Crs) 
(PHP 510)

World Health Promotion (3 Crs)
(BB H 551)

I. College of Information Sciences and Technology

Special Topics

Globalization Trends and World Issues (3 Crs)
(IST 445H)

Information Technology in an International Context (3 Crs)
(IST 442)

Information Technology Valuation, Markets and Innovation (3 Crs)
(IST 535)

Qualitative Research in Information Sciences & Technology (3 Crs)
(IST 541)

J. College of the Liberal Arts

Special Topics

Advanced International Trade Theory and Policy (3 Crs)
(ECON 433)

African Drama (3 Crs)
(CMLIT 422)

African Novel (3 Crs)
(CMLIT 423)

American Foreign Policy (3 Crs)
(PL SC 442)

Civil Conflict (3 Crs) 
(PL SC 556)

Civil Liberties and Due Process (3 Crs) 
(PL SC 474)

Comparative Method in Literary Studies (3 Crs)
(CMLIT 501)

Comparative Politics:  Theory and Methodology  (3 Crs)
(PL SC 550)

Comparative Seminar in Inter-American Literatures (1 – 12 Crs)
(CMLIT 521)

Comparative Seminar in Asian Literatures (1 – 12 Crs)
(CMLIT 522)

Comparative Seminar in African Literature (1 – 12 Crs)
(CMLIT 523)

Conflict Management, Termination, and Bargaining (3 Crs)
(PL SC 566)

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation  (3 Crs)                                                                                                            
(CAS 404) 

Contemporary Literary Theory (3 Crs)
(CMLIT 580)

Cultures of Globalization (3 Crs) 
(CMLIT 435) 

Decision Making and Strategy in Economics (3 Crs)
(ECON 402)

Development Economics (3-6 Crs)
(ECON 570)

Disaster Communications (3 Crs) 
(CAS 553)

Economics of Technological Change (3 Crs)
(ECON 525)

Economics of Transition (3 Crs)
(ECON 571)

Education Mobility in Comparative Perspective  (3 Crs)
(SOC 553)

Environmental Economics  (3 Crs)
(ECON 428)

Ethnic Conflict in Africa  (3 Crs)
(AFR 443) (IL)

Ethics, Justice, and Rights in World Literature (3 Crs) 
(CMLIT 455)

Forces in Contemporary Literature (3 – 6 Crs)
(CMLIT 570)

Gender and Politics (3 Crs) 
(WMNST 428)

Global Modernisms (3 Crs)
(CMLIT 430)

Globalization and Its Implications (3 Crs)
(PL SC 440)

Globalization, Extractive Industries, and Conflict in Africa (3 Crs)
(AFR 464)

Government and the Economy (3 Crs)
(PL SC 444 )

Government and Politics of Africa (3 Crs)
(PL SC 454)

Government and Politics of Central Europe (3 Crs)
(PL SC 452)

Government and Politics of East Asia (3 – 6 Crs)
(PL SC 458)

Governments and Politics of Western Europe (3 Crs)
(PL SC 455)

Growth and Development (3 Crs)
(ECON 471)

Health Economics (3 Crs)
(ECON 445)

Industrial Organization and Public Policy (3-6 Crs)
(ECON 543)

Inter-American Literature (3 Crs)
(CMLIT 405)

International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics (3 Crs)
(ECON 434)

International Organization: Political and Security Functions (3 Crs)
(PL SC 415)

International Politics of Latin America (3 – 6 Crs)
(PL SC 457)

International Political Economy (3 Crs)
(PL SC 412)

International Relations Theory (3 Crs)
(PL SC 418)

International Relations of the Middle East (3 Crs)
(PL SC 467)

International Trade (3 Crs)
(ECON 507)

Introduction to Econometrics (3 Crs)
(ECON 490)

Labor Economics and Labor Markets (3 Crs)
(ECON 412)

Literary Adaptation: International and Comparative Perspectives (3 Crs) 
(CMLIT 491)

Literary Cultures of Buddhism (3 Crs) 
(CMLIT 448)

Literary Cultures of Islam (3 Crs) 
(CMLIT 449)

Literary Modes of Asia (3 Crs)
(CMLIT 404)

Policy Making and Evaluation  (3 Crs)                                                                                                                    
(PL SC 490)

Political Economy of Energy and Extractive Industries in Africa (3 Crs)
(AFR 534)

Political Processes in Underdeveloped Systems (3 Crs)
(PL SC 453)

Politics and Institutions of Latin-American Nations (3 Crs)
(PL SC 456)

Postcolonial Literature and Culture (3 Crs) 
(CMLIT 446) 

Science, Technology, and Public Policy (3 Crs)
(PL SC 460)

The Politics of Development  (3 Crs)                                                                                                                     
(PL SC 554)

The Politics of Human Rights (3 Crs)  
(PL SC 497F)

The Politics of Terrorism (3 Crs)
(PL SC 439)

The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union (3 Crs)
(PL SC 413)

Topics in Comparative Government and Institutions    ( 3 Crs)
(PL SC 424)

Topics in Theory (3 Crs) 
(CMLIT 459) 

Transatlantic Literature (3 Crs) 
(CMLIT 443) 

Transition to Market Economies (3 Crs)
(ECON 472)

Transnational Corporations and Other Organizations in International Relations (3 Crs)
(PL SC 441)

Varieties of Latina/o Cultural Expression (3 Crs)
(CMLIT 403)

War in World Politics (3 Crs)
(PL SC 437)

Workplace Dispute Resolution (3 Crs)
(LER 437)

Women in Developing Countries  (3 Crs)
(WMNST 420) 

Women and World Literature (3 Crs)
(CMLIT 406)

K. The Dickinson School of Law

Up to nine (9) credits of 900 level courses may be applied to the M.I.A. degree and will be treated similarly to how law courses are treated as part of a joint degree program. For the joint degree inter-program transfer of credit policy please see joint degree information.

Special Topics 

Advanced International Sustainable Development Projects Law Clinic (4 Crs)
(IHSDP 997A)

Center for Immigrants' Rights: Course Component (3 Crs)
(IHAPP  995)

Civil Law From Empire to Union (3 Crs)
(INTER 974)

Comparative Antitrust Law (3 Crs)
(INTER 968)

Comparative Constitutional and Public Law (3 Crs)
(INTER 958)

Congressional Investigations Seminar (2Crs)
(SEM 945)

Dispute System Design Seminar (2 Crs)
(SEM 909)

Environmental Law (3 Crs) 
(RP&EL 960)

European Union Law Seminar (3 Crs)
(SEM 913)

Family Law (3 Crs)
(FMEST 962)

Foreign Investment Law in Russia and the CIS (2 Crs)
(INTER 954)

International Commercial Arbitration (3 Crs)
(INTER 984)

International Commercial Arbitration Seminar (3 Crs) 
(SEM 920)

International Criminal Law (3 Crs)
(CRIML 970)

International Dispute Resolution Colloquium (2 Crs)
(INTER 997C)

International Litigation and Arbitration (3 Crs)
(INTER 966)

International Law (3 Crs)
(INTER 971)

International Organizations Seminar (3 Crs)

International Sustainable Development Projects Law Clinic (4 Crs) 
(IHSDP 995)

International Uniform Enforcement of Human Rights Seminar (3 Crs) 
(SEM 968)

Law of the Sea (2 Crs)  
(INTER 952) 

Multinational Corporations (3 Crs)
(CCLAW 968)

National Security Law (3 Crs)
(PERSP 953)

Russian Law Seminar  (2 Crs)
(SEM 970)

The Supreme Court in Comparative Prespective (3 Crs)
(SEM 907)

The United Nations and International Law Seminar (2 Crs)
(SEM 941)

Transnational Law (3 Crs)
(INTER 977)

Water Law & Policy (3 Crs) 
(RP&EL 997B)